Zhanaye F – Passed first time on 19th December 2019

Lynn was an amazing driving instructor, she was calm and patient which created the perfect atmosphere for me to focus and learn in. she’d always be positive and whenever I made any mistakes she’d encourage me to explain what went wrong and why, so I could really get an understanding of driving and prevent myself from getting in the same situation again! 

I would always look forward to my lessons with Lynn because I could really see the improvement in my driving after each one. She  allowed me to learn at my own pace and taught me how to become independent whilst driving, I never felt pressured and she would always make sure I felt comfortable with the things I was learning before moving on to start something new. This meant that when my test date came I felt calm and at ease because I knew I was ready and prepared for it.

I have not only passed my test first time, but I now feel like I am confident and safe driver, thanks to Lynn! 


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January 14, 2020