Josh K – Passed first time on 12th December 2019

Because of Lynn’s easy going attitude I didn’t once feel stressed or worried as I was driving with her. She always ensured that I progressed in a safe environment and was on top of any errors I made.
I looked forward to my lesson with Lynn every week as she made each one different, adding in a greater level of challenge each time as I progressed. She always nailed the level of difficulty of each lesson, never asking me to do something I wasn’t ready or comfortable to do.
Knowing that I was driving with such an excellent and observant teacher as Lynn I was happy to try things that otherwise I might not. If I had been home taught instead I think that I would have taken much longer to pass my test as without the reassurance of Lynn and her set of brakes I would have been far more nervous.
Exams of any kind can be nerve wracking. However, because of my time with Lynn, I was able to go into my test feeling confident and prepared. It is a testament to Lynn’s skill that I passed first time with no faults.

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December 16, 2019