Tommy T – Passed on 9th January 2018

My progress when I started to learn to drive was very slow due to my nerves however, as I had more lessons with Lynn she made me feel more composed and we soon noticed that the best way for me to learn was slow and repetitive steps.
Our strategy in order to conquer my mistakes was to see if I noticed them myself and if I couldn’t recognise them, Lynn would point them out to me and tell me the best way on how I can fix them.
Approaching my 1st test I felt that I was ready in terms of driving however, I was not mentally prepared. I passed 2nd time on the 9th of January but on approach to the test I feel like my all round driving has improved from last time of taking the test.
Overall, Lynn was amazing and patient, who has been very professional on every single driving lesson, and I thank her for being so friendly and helpful on getting my driving license. I will definitely recommend Lynn to my friends.



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March 1, 2018