Joanna S – Passed first time on 23rd November 2017

I learnt driving with Lynn from March 2017 until almost end of November 2017 with some gaps in between, and did 50 hrs driving in total. Before taking lessons with her I had absolutely no experience of driving a car, and within this time I got to a level which allowed me to pass the test at 1st attempt.

From the very beginning, Lynn was a great teacher  – we took things slowly, but not too slow. She was always asking me for feedback and we were planning the lessons together, so I always felt that we were moving forward in a pace that was suitable for me. Lynn is very patient, but firm when necessary, and that makes her a great teacher. She’s also fun to drive with. Altogether that makes the lessons a great experience.

She was also flexible with timing. I’m a mum of 2-year old and my work circumstances, as well as the times I was available, were changing during the process of learning. Nevertheless, she was able to accommodate my needs.

I would definitely recommend her to anybody wanting to learn driving, because with Lynn you’ll get confidence in your driving, all the necessary skills and value for money. And you’ll enjoy driving.


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December 5, 2017