Dominic H – Passed first time on 28th October 2013

Being taught by Lynn was probably the best decision I could’ve made while learning to drive as I don’t think I would’ve passed otherwise! Her teaching is thorough and once she taught me something, I didn’t and won’t forget it! I can honestly say that there wasn’t a wasted moment in these lessons as every second was progress with Lynn, whether it was manoeuvres or practicing other various driving techniques it all helped immensely. I’m so happy that Lynn was the one to teach me, as I wouldn’t feel as comfortable in the drivers seat otherwise!

When I first started with Dreamstart, I was petrified of driving with no idea of what was to come as I’d never been in the driving seat before. Within my first driving lesson, I was in the drivers seat but I was comfortable doing so as Lynn made driving such a relaxing and natural experience. Progress was efficient but also enjoyable as we only progressed when I was confident with doing so which made my learning experience focussed and enjoyable.

After all my lessons with Lynn, I feel as if I am confident to drive alone as she has taught me all the necessary skills to drive safely on the road. As most people do, I struggled with different things in driving, but with Lynn’s guidance and excellent teaching, we made my weakest points become my strongest ones. Lynn’s impeccable teaching allowed me to pass first time, which to me is no surprise, as I’ve been taught by the best driving instructor around.


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October 29, 2013