Marina R – Passed on 31st December 2013

A few years ago I had a poor start to learning to drive with a couple of different instructors, one who was too laid back and the other who was constantly shouting at me which really put me off.  Circumstances changed and I stopped driving for years.

Recently I realised that I needed to be able to drive to give me more job options and freedom to be able to travel with my family when I needed to, without relying on lifts or public transport.  I also needed to get my licence within a period of weeks rather than months, so I booked up an Intensive Course with Lynn at Dreamstart Driving Academy.

I had an assessment drive with Lynn & we both agreed that since it had been a while since I had been behind the wheel and I had no way of getting any practice between lessons, a 40 hour intensive course would give me the time to rebuild the skills and gain confidence required to drive safely alone once I had passed the test.  This was extremely important to me as I will be driving with my two girls with me on most occasions.

The test was booked and we made a driving plan which allowed me to have a break over weekends which I found helpful, to give me a break and to take in what I had learned.  The lessons were relaxed but focussed and I felt I was working at the right pace for me to get the most from each lesson.  Lynn involved me in every step so that I could work on areas which I felt worried about and was interested in my progress and my success.

I now feel capable of driving safely and in control, thanks to Lynn for helping me to achieve this major goal, I’m on the road and keeping safe.  Happy New Year!


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January 6, 2014