Tasmin H – Passed her test on 18th October 2016

I have just passed my test after learning with Lynn and I have a few words that I would like to share about my experience.

Lynn is friendly, easy to get along with, and has been great at teaching me to be a confident and safe driver. She has ensured that I have experienced all the different types of scenarios that is possible, and has prepared me well for safe driving after the test.

As an anxious person, driving used to be a stressor all the time. However, Lynn has been incredibly patient with me and has gone through great lengths to make sure I have felt comfortable with her. What has helped eased my anxiety is her positive attitude and her willingness to take on board different styles of teaching to best suit me.

Lynn is great with everyone and shows that she cares, so if you are a shy or anxious person, I would highly recommend her. 

Thank you so much



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October 20, 2016