Sean F – Passed first time on 15th August 2014

Before I start I would just like to thank Lynn; she is a fantastic Driving Instructor and I couldn’t have asked for a better Teacher.

I met Lynn through my Niece, who passed her test with her.  I was a little apprehensive, wondering how Lynn would feel teaching someone of my age, but from the very start she made me very comfortable.

During my lessons Lynn brought to my attention any mistakes I made but would also point out the things I had done well.  This meant I never finished a lesson without feeling I was one step closer to becoming a confident & capable driver.

Now I have passed my test life has become a lot easier and new opportunities are now within easy reach.  I received a large pay-rise the following Monday, which is always  a good thing.  🙂

Once again many thanks go to Lynn, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a GREAT Driving Instructor.


Sean Flynn


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August 19, 2014