Rebecca M – Passed first time on 27th February 2014

Before meeting Lynn, I hadn’t felt particularly inspired or confident in learning to drive a car. Despite having my provisional licence for over 4 years, and a full motorcycle licence for over 2, my previous attempts with other instructors to get started had all come to nothing.

After starting a new job with a 15 mile commute I realised that riding the ‘bike through winter was no longer fun, and having regularly passed Lynn’s car on my route to work I decided to give her a call. She took the time to come and talk to me about my previous experiences with driving, learning to drive and some of my concerns, then discussed her methodology and pricing. We initially had one lesson together and I felt far more comfortable with Lynn than I had experienced previously.

Lynn clearly picked up on the fact that one of my main issues was in confidence, in that if I made an error, however minor, I quickly lost confidence in my abilities, so she adapted her style of teaching to help me get passed that. Following that initial lesson I booked a further 11 hours over an intensive run up to my test, all in the space of one week!  Granted my road experience through riding a motorbike helped and the practice I had been having in my own automatic car too, but I still had to pass the test in a manual car.  Which I did, first time, thanks to Lynn.

Thanks again Lynn.

Becca x


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March 2, 2014