Rachel F – Passed on Halloween, 31st October 2019

Lynn is a wonderful instructor and I’m so glad that I was signposted to her. I found learning to drive to be very nerve-wracking, so Lynn set up lessons in which I would repeat manoeuvres and journeys to become more comfortable. Lynn was always on time for our lessons and selected driving routes that would become useful to my future as an independent driver, such as driving around both the main areas of Reading and Basingstoke. I feel like this was very beneficial, as I have experienced a diverse amount of driving situations.

She made sure that the lessons were tailored to my needs and would always ask what I felt like I needed to work on. This gave me the agency to think about what I was perhaps wanting to avoid on a journey and turn those nerves into excitement. Lynn’s technique of being firm but fair has helped me grow into a safe driver. As well as being very patient, Lynn also established the necessity of good practice in driving and made sure to point out my weaker points so that they could be improved. Lynn would often model good driving practice, especially in the early days such as the basics like changing gear.

I chose to take my theory before I started professional driving lessons.  Although I already had theoretical knowledge, Lynn would ask my theoretical questions to make sure my knowledge didn’t fade. She did not let me become complacent and made sure that I would be balanced between confident but prepared. I often made mistakes, and when these would get me down Lynn reminded me to see them as a lesson and to bounce back from disappointment. This became apparent when I failed my first test. At first, I was dismayed, but after booking another test date and having some very positive lessons, I felt excited to put my new confidence and awareness to the test. Thankfully I passed second time around as a more experienced driver, and I am very grateful!



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November 5, 2019