Mike O – Passed first time on 19th February 2014

From the very first assessment drive with Lynn, she made me feel comfortable and confident whilst in the car and I noticed immediate progress from day one.  I already had some experience of driving but this time around I felt a lot more comfortable in situations such as faster moving roads and whilst working on reverse manoeuvres.

I quickly became confident in all situations and by the time my test came around I was 100% sure I would pass which was the right attitude to have.  It was lucky I was so prepared as nerves got to me a bit but I was still able to concentrate on the skills I had learnt and passed.

Choosing to take a week off work and go for the Intensive Course was the right thing for me and which I would highly recommend, if the opportunity is there.  Following an assessment drive Lynn and I decided that 20 hours would give me the time and experience behind the wheel to reach test standard and beyond.  I had taken a few lessons about 5 years ago, so had I the knowledge but was very rusty.

Having experienced different teachers I would always recommend Lynn to any future driver as I really benefited from her teaching style as she turned me into, not only a confident driver but also a safe driver. I will be able to take these skills forward, not just for my test but also when I’m on the road independently.  I am hoping this new found skill will open up different work opportunities for me too.  Thanks very much Lynn, I really appreciate all the help you have given me.



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March 2, 2014