Helen B – Passed on 20th November 2012

I would recommend Lynn to anyone wanting to learn to drive as without her I imagine I would have taken a lot longer to pass! She is a really amazing instructor and I am really grateful that she gave up her time to teach me, and enabled me to be independent!

When I first began learning with Dreamstart I had never had any experience with cars. This made me very nervous for the first couple of weeks we were driving, but my anxieties were soon soothed by Lynn and her teaching approach. If I made a mistake she was always calm and patient, and soon these traits passed onto me too! As my skill and confidence increased Lynn would ask me what I wanted to get out of the lessons, and things I thought I should improve on. This included me within the teaching and therefore caused me to think about my driving. By involving me Lynn increased my confidence a lot and allowed me to feel prepared for any situation that should arise when driving.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with Lynn, as even if one hadn’t gone exactly well she would always encourage me to not give up, and just to learn from my mistakes. This was particularly evident when I failed my first driving test and all I wanted to do was give up. However through Lynn I was able to pass the second time round, and really focus on bettering my driving skills on our preparation for my second test.


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December 7, 2012