George G – Passed on 11th October 2017

The experience that I had while learning to drive was incredibly valuable to me. My progress was slow to start with, however the way that my lessons were paced gave me the opportunity to improve my driving at an appropriate rate for me. The way this was done was through being given the time in the lessons to actually practice what was being taught, as well as learning new content that helped my overall understanding of driving.
The way that we would move forward would be by seeing what part of my driving needs to improve. We would identify my weaknesses by getting me personally to choose what I would like to work on. We would then work specifically on that in order to make me a better, safer driver, improving what I feel needs to improve.
When it came to me taking my first test, I was prepared in terms of my driving ability, however I was not prepared for how intense the test itself would be. However, with more practice, I went into my second test knowing what to expect and ready for what was going to happen thanks the preparation that I did after the disappointment of the first time.
I am very happy I chose to learn to drive with Lynn because she not only helped me with what I needed to improve on, she also helped me to identify what I needed to work in. For this reason, I would definitely recommend her to a friend because of the way she gets you to identify what it is that you need to do, which ultimately helped me to develop into a better, safer driver.

George Green


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October 31, 2017