Callum B – Passed on 6th June 2014

Before I booked lessons with Dreamstart I had driven up and down a farm track so I had a basic idea of how the clutch worked.  Even though I had limited experience I went for the Introductory Course to give me more of an insight.  I progressed pretty quickly and Lynn moved the pace of the lessons to match my understanding and knowledge, as I was showing good level of awareness and skill.

From then on I went out practising with my Mum as much as possible, driving everywhere, whenever we were going out.  This gave me loads of experience of different situations and hazards along the way.  I went on to pass my theory test, so had a chat with Lynn and booked a Test Special.

I really feel that Lynn adapted the lessons to suit me, and helped me progress at my own pace.  She encouraged me to build on my skills to keep me safe and think about what I felt I needed to work on between lessons to improve my ability.  I really feel that Lynn offers great value for money, bringing lots of information to every lesson, always on time and never let me down.  More importantly she has really helped me to take a mature approach towards driving, which I am sure will help to keep me safe.

Unfortunately I failed first at my first attempt, due to making one serious mistake.  I realise now that my overconfidence caused me to take a risk.  On my second attempt I was much more nervous but passed with only 2 minor faults.

Many thanks Lynn, see you on the road!



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July 19, 2014