Anna K – Passed first time on 13th April 2017

Learning to drive with Lynn at Dreamstart was an extraordinary experience, both through the skills I gained as a driver but also the positive atmosphere in the car throughout each lesson.

Lynn’s thorough methods in teaching meant that there was a “meet and greet” session before I got in the car. Giving me the opportunity to chat to Lynn before learning to drive with her, really putting me at ease about driving, before stepping in the car.

Lynn was very patient throughout my learning of each new skill. This meant that I never felt pressured and we could go over new things as many times as I wanted to. Creating a really calm atmosphere which I believe is paramount for driving. It also meant that I progressed at my own pace moving onto harder things when I was ready to. If I mastered something quickly we wouldn’t spend ages on it and vice versa. Resulting in me feeling confident with everything I had learnt, really preparing me well to use each skill before, during, and after passing my test. I really enjoyed my lessons with Lynn and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone considering learning to drive due to, not only the positive calm and enjoyable atmosphere in each lesson; but also because of Lynn, who made the experience incredibly fun meaning that I looked forward to every single lesson.


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May 20, 2017