Amy S – Passed first time on 2nd April 2012

Having already had lessons with another driving school, which mostly seemed to consist of just driving around for the two hours without much input, it was so refreshing to be taught by DREAMSTART. Lynn would always begin each lesson with a recap of the skills I had learnt in my previous lesson and then involve me in deciding the content of the new lesson by asking if I thought there was anything particular I wanted to work on. When I didn’t feel confident about something we would go over it again and practice until I got it right. It was great that I always felt included in the decision and looked forward to the new challenges.

We would always work toward achieving the objective we set at the start of the lesson and then go through everything in a debrief at the end of the lesson. I could really see what I was working on, how I was progressing and I was confident that I had covered all of the relevant driving skills required, before booking my test.

Passing my test was just the best thing that ever happened. I can’t thank Lynn and DREAMSTART enough. No more waiting for buses or persuading my parents to give me a lift. Yay!


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December 1, 2012