Alice A – Passed on 2nd July 2016

Initially I was very reluctant to learn to drive due to the danger and a lack of confidence, Lynn however eased me into driving at a pace that I could control and accept.  She was patient through my (many) stalls and has ensured that I understand why I am doing some actions,  whether it be to keep me and others safe, reduce petrol costs or to prevent damage to the engine.  This is vital for me as I can easily find the source of problems in my car and my driving.
As a driver, I now know that you can never stop learning about being in charge of such a vehicle as situations are always changing on the roads. Lynn was very organised with booking lessons and always prompt.
What ensured that I had confidence in myself on the roads was that Lynn didn’t try and get me to a stage where I could pass my test, she went above and beyond and prepared me for any situation which could occur on the roads.
Lynn has been a fantastic driving instructor, seeing me through until my test.

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July 10, 2016