I don’t know about you, but I am finding more and more with nighttime driving that I am being blinded or dazzled by the lights of vehicles, bikes and other road users approaching me from ahead and behind.  So when I was filling up the other day I decided to chance a tenner on a pair of yellow tinted (night driving) glasses.

I had researched them a little last year but found the comments very mixed regarding the difference the glasses made and decided not to go any further at that time.

Well I have to say, what a difference they make for me.  I am so glad I picked a pair up (I have to get another pair as my husband has “borrowed” them.  Even with full lights coming towards me I can still see ahead clearly without any problems at all.

I am enjoying my evening driving so much more.  My ability to see the road, cyclists, potholes and all other hazards far outweighs the slightly uncool designs – although I am sure there are more out there.  After all, I am only wearing them in the car!